👋 See u at the other side

Heb 11, 12

Word of knowledge:

Like the saints of the old, you are there cheering us on.

Odd dream

Last night I could not fall asleep on the bed. Hence, I listened to Ian Clayton’s podcast on Translocation. Somehow listening to sermons allowed me to doze off easily.

I woke up in the middle of the night remembering a dream I just had. I was in a small narrow brown room, sitting across me was Gloria Copeland and on my right hand side Kenneth Copeland. I have been a partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministry (KCM) for years and looked upon both man and woman of God my spiritual parents because I am truly blessed by the Word of Faith teachings and the generous free resources provided by the ministry. A representative from KCM Australia even called me before (long distance call) to pray for me.

Gloria was speaking to me, but I could not remember what was she talking about. And Kenneth was looking at me eye to eye nodding to me.

Beside the table were 3 picture frames of the same size. If I did not remember wrongly, the photos inside were trees and nature scenes. But the trims of all the photo frames were torn and worn out, not in good condition.

What could this dream meant?

Journal of a dream

Between the sleepy moment of sleeping and waking up this morning at about 7am, I had a peculiar dream.

I dreamt of a rectangular golden/mustard color box in the air and flashes of “lightning” came hitting onto the ground. Looking closely, I realised that the “lightning” is actually rain, droplets that looked sharp and zic zac white lightning hitting hard and bouncing making an impact on the ground.

“Ask the LORD for *rain* In the time of the *latter rain*. The LORD will make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain, Grass in the field for everyone.”
‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭10:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

*First rain – Sowing*
*Latter Rain – Harvesting*

Would required more time to understand this.

Until then, Shalom!

Update :

One of my sister-in-Christ has provided an insightful interpretation. Seems to her that a box of treasure is dripping and eventually downpouring 🙂

Moving in Glory Realms – book discussions/review

I am currently reading the above book by Joshua Mills. He is one of the pioneers in the supernatural things of God. I’m still in the middle part of the book and wonder if any of you like to discuss the book.

When I purchased this book, I told myself that.. I too like to see gold dust on my hands, I too like to see angelic sightings, I too like to see oil dripping from my Bible, I too like to see the glory cloud when I’m worshipping in church. This book is just like the answer to them all. To experience the supernatural so that we can grow closer to God.

So far, the reading is kinda challenging to digest. It is definitely not a book that you can read fast. There are lots of golden nuggets to chew at and understand. I think it would help if you combine listening to Joshua Mill’s podcast from the internet and reading it concurrently to get a better understanding of what he is conveying.

Youtube videos relating to the book: